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Skeptical thoughts for Friday 28th February

Thought’s First Draft
Skeptics with a K: Episode #116
The Pod Delusion – Episode 226 – 28th February 2014

Underground farm built in abandoned tunnels beneath south London

I heard about this on the radio today. Amazing idea!

Underground farm built in abandoned tunnels beneath south London.

Boo – Skeptical thoughts for 26th February 2014

Patients ‘are safer with better-educated nurses’
Sitting in the Dry Bar of the Spiritual Journey
Out of Place Artifacts

Fus Ro Dah! – It’s interesting stuff for 25th February 2014.

Could Shouting “Fus Ro Dah” Ever Knock Someone Over?
Be Reasonable: Episode #014 – Lembit Öpik
Depression Re-examined: A New Way to Look at an Old Puzzle
Secret persuasion mind trick!
Question of the Week: What scientific advancement are you looking forward to seeing happen in 2014?
Out of Place Artifacts

Skeptical thoughts for 24th Feb 2014

Impact: Moon!
RBUTR supports more browsers, adds a universal linking toolbar
4.4-Billion-Year-Old Crystal Is Earth’s Oldest Fragment

Skeptical thoughts for 22nd Feb 2014

Chutney, pineapples and flying spaghetti: why atheism can never be inoffensive enough
Our published successes
The Skeptics Guide #450 – Feb 22 2014

Skeptical thoughts for today

2DSCF0003 Seattle: Land of Amazon, Boeing, and Ancient Mammoths
The Power of Critical Thinking
Episode 225 – 21st February 2014

Skeptical thoughts for today

Ask for Evidence at the Brighton Science Festival

Fears pregnant women are ignoring folic acid advice

INCREDIBLE Footage of An Aurora Dancing in Real Time!

Winter so far – 20th February rainfall update

Can an Atheist Be in Awe of the Universe?

Imagine coming home to your spouse and finding someone who looks and acts exactly like your spouse…

“Chemicals in food packaging may be health risk”… really???



Today’s interesting stories

Study: Arctic getting darker, making Earth warmer

Rbutr Makes it Easier to Flag Online Misinformation

NICE drugs policy for the elderly is unchanged

Today’s interesting stories

newsThe ghost of ‘Ye Olde Man & Scythe’, Bolton – from ‘Hayley is a… Ghost Geek’
X-Raying a Monster Black Hole – from ‘Bad Astronomy’
Last Week In Science Based Medicine – from ‘The James Randi Educational Foundation’
Winter so far – 18th February rainfall update – from ‘Met Office News Blog’
Frequency – from ‘xkcd’