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Skeptical thoughts for Sunday 9th March

9th March 2014 Andy 0

Psychic Katie Coutts enters guilty plea to alleged fraud (from Project Barnum) DISABILITY (from I Am Not Drunk) Health of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated (from Neurologica Blog) Episode 227 – 7th […]

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Skeptical thoughts for 22nd Feb 2014

22nd February 2014 admin 0

Chutney, pineapples and flying spaghetti: why atheism can never be inoffensive enough Our published successes CONTINENCE The Skeptics Guide #450 – Feb 22 2014

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Skeptical thoughts for today

21st February 2014 admin 0

Seattle: Land of Amazon, Boeing, and Ancient Mammoths The Power of Critical Thinking IT’S THE FRIDAY PUZZLE! Episode 225 – 21st February 2014